Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new shoes. by violet

When your boyfriend is in “the business” it’s pretty easy to go a little crazy with the shoes. Most of the time I behave myself but every once in a while I just cannot resist the discount. The other day I stumbled across this pair of Guess sling backs. I hadn’t been looking for anything like it nor did I feel strongly that that they would fill some void in my wardrobe. Simply I wanted them and the price was right.

When I put my order in with J., he reminded that while clearance shoes have a $5 ground shipping cost but if I added and sale or regular price item it is free shipping. That opened the door to looking at some additional options. 

Well, I needed new black flats (I go through a pair every 9-12 months) and I hadn’t owned a pair of brown flats in a while and therefore I needed to have those as well. So the next thing I know, I have three pairs of shoes headed my way.

Over the past few days I have wore all three to varying degrees of success (don’t worry J. all this information is making its way on to the site in the form of customer reviews).

First, the Guess sling backs that caught my attention. I read the review that claimed they were comfortable enough to wear all day at work – not for my feet! The crisscross strap over the top rubbed my foot raw. I’m pretty sure that not everyone’s feet will have the same reaction to theses straps but mine sure did. They have been officially ruled out as a work shoe and will go promptly into my going out/dressing up category.

The Kenneth Cole black flats are simple and no fuss. Seriously, I don’t think you could get more boring but the leather is nice quality. And my Superfeet provide the needed arch support. The only problem is they are a little slick on the bottom. No biggie for regular around the office or on the street wear but I nearly ate it while walking over a slick plastic light fixture. Note to self, scuff them up a little bit.

The Jessica Simpson brown flats looked super cute and I was pumped to add them to my wardrobe. The buckle and the leopard print lining were icing on the cake. But after a full days worth of wear at the office the back of the heels were crying out for sweet mercy. I’m sort of hoping that they will stretch (there’s always hope). I would love to be able to rock there while running errands on weekends but for now they have been relegated to shorter trips.

Feeling under the weather today so it’s violet in UGG Classic Short in chocolate brown

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