Sunday, January 24, 2010

one blueberry press please. by orange

Even though I'm in my late twenties (sadly I think 27 counts as "late") I still drink like I just turned 21.  You might think from that statement I'm an acholic or have high tolerance.  Really what I mean is, I still like those really fruity and sweet drinks: Long Island Ice Tea, Black Opal, etc. 

Once you get into the working world and have 'classy' happy hours with friends, ordering a Black Opal doesn't seem quite right.  Especially when your friends are ordering the likes of a vodka soda or gin and tonic.  Just the name of the fruity drink ('washington watermelon' or 'blue karaoke') and/or seeing the drink (bright orange with a maraschino cherry and an umbrella) screams "can't handle the taste of alcohol/might have just turned 21." 

Recently, I went to a nice dinner with the husband and, per usual, asked the waitress what would be a good sweet drink to try.  She offered up a Bluebery Press. 

I heart this drink.

1) It's delicious!  It's not overly sweet but still sweet enough for me. It tastes almost like flavored seltzer water.
2) Much more sophisticated name then 'Black Opal" or "Purple Haze"
3) As all the liquids are clear that go into the one knows the difference between my sweet blueberry press and my girlfriend's vodka soda.

The magic:
In a vodka press, vodka is diluted with both a club soda or tonic and Sprite. You can order it with any flavor of vodka.  Hence, Blueberry vodka = Blueberry press.

Have I ordered this drink ever since that night out?  Yes.  Here is my most recent Blueberry Press at The Daily Grill in downtown Seattle.


orange in Guess Lawri - gold leather wedges

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