Thursday, December 31, 2009

Up Up Joe Bro. by violet

For me, Christmas 2009 will be known for two things – sock monkey slippers and “up, up, Joe Bro.”  J. and I traveled down to California to be with our families for the holiday.

The tree at my dad and Kerry's

Festivities kicked off right away with large family dinner at my dad and Kerry’s house on Christmas Eve.

Grandma K, Grammy and Chloe

Chloe helping Pop Pop

"Umple" Mike and Chloe getting ready for dinner

After dinner we exchanged presents. Kerry suprised the whole family with sock monkey slippers for everyone.

Totally hilarious

Especially on my dad

My brothers and Jenn had worked with my niece Chloe teach her how to say, “what’s up, Joe Bro.” She really didn’t get the "what’s" part all the way. So it was, “up, up, Joe Bro.” A two-year old can really make the most ordinary things seem enchanting.   

The whole fam

Christmas morning brought more presents and more family time. 

A Wii for Dave and Jenn

Mike rocked the heirloom Christmas pants

Later that day it was off to the Pisanos for dessert and a rousing round of Catch Phrase. The rest of the time was a blur of old friends, Wii and more dessert than anyone person should actually eat.  I'll be back with more but for now,


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