Sunday, December 13, 2009

mimosa by the pint. by orange

For some very odd reason, growing up I wasn't a big fan of crepes.  I think it was because sometimes they can have a slightly slimey/gooey consistency to them.  Well, my palette has matured over the years and I've come to like things like asparagus, eggs over medium and crepes.  Maybe it's because my husband makes delicious crepes...

This past weekend my friend Kelli and I met up to catch up at a place named Citizen Coffee in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.  I've known Kelli for over 6 years, we met when we were both studying abroad in London.  Although we didn't stay in touch a ton after we arrived home after the quarter overseas, we ended up both working at Starbucks Corp after college.  During about her last year at Starbucks, we'd meet up for coffee every once in awhile.  She recently joined another Seattle mega-company -  Since she has left, we get together about every 3 weeks or so.  I'm very happy that we actually are the friends to really "keep in touch" after she left Starbucks.

So this weekend, we choose Citizen Coffee for our meeting grounds.  I was there for my first time about 4 weeks ago with my friend Shelby who introduced me to the place.  I'm the type that when I find out of a good place to eat, drink, shop, etc - I latch on and latch on strong.  No surprise then that I'd be back so soon.  The beauty of Citizen Coffee is the architecture of the building, the sweet and savory choices of crepes, the unpretentious environment and the best part: selling mimosas (with either grapefruit or OJ) by the Pint.  Yes, I said Pint.  Yum.

If you live in Seattle, quickly head to Citizen Coffee and enjoy.

pint o' mimosa and coffee

lemon curd with strawberries sweet crepe

  savory breakfast sandwich

wood, brick interior

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  1. Yay! Glad you liked it enough to go back. Did you get the lemon curd again? I'm thinking about hitting it up to decompress after work sometime soon to see what the evening vibe is like. Love the pics!