Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Becoming a Fan. by violet

When I was growing up it was a great time to be a California sport fan – The 49ers were in the midst of one of the greatest dynasties in sports. In 1989, when I was seven, the Battle of the Bay World Series between the A’s and the Giants was so big is caused and earthquake (science questionable). Plus, the San Jose Sharks were formed in 1991 (fond memories of the Cow Palace).
When I moved up to the Northwest, it was pretty easy to keep my professional sport allegiances but adopting my Oregon Ducks like no other team. I cheer for the Mariners except when they play the A’s. Since the 49ers just aren’t what they were when I was growing up, it’s been pretty easy to pull for the Hawks.

However, I’ve quickly discovered it’s pretty difficult to spend four hours on Saturday and four hours on Sunday watching football. That’s pretty much your whole weekend. But when Orange’s husband offered J. and me tickets to a hawk’s game, we jumped at the chance.

Orange and her husband ready for the game

When it turned out said came was against the 49ers I was a little conflicted. This is the team I grew up watching win Super Bowls. I remember my brother’s poster of Joe Montana. I remember those awesome gold Starter jackets that everyone rocked. But I was determined. I was converting. I bought a hat!

Yes! That's the jacket!

Temperatures in Seattle have been silly cold. Forecast for the day was that it wasn’t even going to break 40. Good thing I bought the super stylish beanie.

The Orange husband recommended a pre-game beer at F.X. McRory’s, should you ever find yourself going to a Seahawks game, you simply must go. They cram you in and about a half hour become game time the Blue Thunder Band squeezes in the blast their way through a set and your eardrums. That definitely woke me up!

Blue Thunder all in my face

Our seats were awesome. Right near the 12th man flag. The game was close all the way. The Seahawk offense struggled to find a rhythm – the defense really kept them in the game. And a few key plays kept the 49ers from busting it open. Things got really tight at the end and the Hawks pulled it out with a last second field goal.

Don't ask about the 'stache

So my most profound apologies to Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott and Dwight Clarke but I’m a convert.

Orange Violet reping the Seahawks

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