Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In preparation. By violet

We leave for New York in a week. Next Thursday night, J.P. and I will be boarding a plane and heading to the Big Apple for a week’s worth of vacation.

We’ve been planning to trip of awhile but really only now are things coming together. And in preparation, I purchased a few items that I knew I would need.

J.P. seemed perplexed that I would buy anything before the trip. Wouldn’t I just want to get everything there?

Well, clearly, I am going to be doing a significant amount of shopping while there but there were a couple of things that I didn’t want arrive in the city without.

One, a good pair of walking sneakers

Since we plan on walking a lot during the trip, I didn’t want to ruin my feat. While I would love to wear a cute pair of flats or wedges, I just don’t think it’s possible. So I searched for a hip pair of sneakers that wouldn’t make me feel like a middle age tourist at Disney World.

These red Sauconys are just the thing. Plenty of padding and trekking and a bold color to make a fashion statement.

Two, a large cross-body purse

I wanted large in order to carry all the stuff you seem to need when you travel - maps, guidebooks, umbrella, scarf, bottle of water, possibly even a pair of flip flops for tired feet. And cross body so my shoulder didn’t give out carrying all those things. And also as a theft deterrent – harder to swipe off your shoulder or lift the wallet out of. I was looking for a color that would go with both black and brown.

This Sak purse fits all my requirements. The blue color will go with just about anything – and will look awesome with my new red sneakers. It’s big enough to get a bunch of stuff in without feeling like I’m running away from home. And the adjustable strap assures that I can go from touring to dinner. 

Now I just have to decide what else is going in my suitcase.  What else should I be sure and pack?  What do you never travel without?

Violet in Frye Campus 14L boots in Saddle Montana


  1. How funny - those are the exact same Sauconys I bought at the last warehouse sale! I love them - they are my favorite non-running sneakers (and how cute are red shoes?). They should work out perfectly for your trip.

    Have a great time in NY. It's pretty touristy, but Ray and I also enjoyed the Top of the Rock.

  2. Good call Kelsey on going to the Top of the Rock. Comparable views to the Empire State building but shorter lines. Bonus if you go at night. Extra bonus if there's 300 kids from the midwest on a roadtrip (that was Orange and my experience).

  3. I also agree, Top of the Rock is pretty great from what I hear (i haven't actually been, so maybe I'll join you ;)
    And YES for the sneakers and the purse. Both very important to comfort, style and enjoying yourself!

  4. All right, Top of the Rock is on the list - probably at night. My mission this weekend, break in the shoes!