Friday, May 28, 2010

Dear Three Day Weekend. by violet

Dear Three Day Weekend,

I love you. I truly and honestly do. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love an extra day added onto the weekend? But you bring a lot of pressure into my life. Leading up, everyone asks, “what are you doing for the three day weekend?” Then right after everyone asks, “what did you do for the three day weekend?” It’s as if I don’t have something really exciting beyond my normal weekend plans, I’ve somehow failed as a person.

And if I do decide to go somewhere – getting there is a total pain in ass. If I want to get anywhere, I have to take additional time off on Friday because traffic is a total nightmare because everyone is taking the same freeways to get either to the beach or and mountains. Everyone is trying to “make the most” of their three day weekend, only to spend most of it sitting in traffic.

And if you live in Seattle, it will be raining. And so your grand dreams of going camping and cooking out over an open flame are pretty much crushed before you even get into the traffic jam.

So this year, Memorial Day, I’m breaking up with you. I’m saying no. I’m staying home, running errands, hanging out with friends and taking it easy. Forecast is for rain? I don’t care! We’ll stay in and watch a movie. Tanker truck accident on I-5 near Fort Lewis? I don’t care! I’ll be at home instead of grinding my teeth in gridlock.

And when those people who spent their time cursing the travel gods, fighting traffic and camping in the rain ask me on Tuesday what I did over the weekend? I’m going to smile and say, “well, I relaxed all weekend. What did you do?”
Violet in Seychelles Fiddle - distressed brown booties

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