Monday, May 10, 2010

Briefing Book. by violet

There are times when my work life runs smack into my personal life. And I’m not talking about trying maintain some kind of balance between my work and life. I’m talking about when my work skills come in handy in my life outside the cube walls.

Part of my job has long been creating briefing books. These are intense documents that are designed to help traveling executives, typically while they go out and speak with media. They contain a detailed outline of the trip and serve as a guidebook.

I have been working on one such briefing for work and J.P. jokingly suggested that I create one for our upcoming trip. And so I took him up on it. I quickly realized that it’s WAY more fun to do research on a trip that you are actually taking.

So here’s how I spent my night tonight.

We might end up throwing the whole thing out once we get into town. But you know what? It’s been really fun putting the whole thing together.

Violet in Sofft Freeda Bootie – black, ankle booties 


  1. Shake Shack better be in the briefing book. That's all I've gotta say...

    Hope you guys have a great trip!

  2. It totally is. I need to see for myself if this place is really "better than in'n'out."