Thursday, May 27, 2010

getting old and broken bells. by orange

So I'm the ripe age of 28.  When I say it outloud, doesn't seem so old - I'm in my sophisticated 20s.  However, things like concerts make me feel like I'm 80.  Here's why:

- Is the concert on a school night?  ...Man, it better be an artist that I'm really excited about. 

- Is the concert in a standing or sitting venue?  If it is in a standing venue, I better break out the 5 hour energy and, again, really love the artist.  If it's sitting, I still might need the 5 hour energy and hopefully it's energetic music as that chair can sometimes get too cozy and I can get a bit sleepy.
***Point in Case: the hsuband and I went to see Ray LaMontagne.  He is amazing and has such a unique voice.  However, his voice and music is so soothing it basically put the husband and I asleep at the Paramount.

- Time of the show.  The ticket says the show starts at 8pm.  But what does that really mean??  1st opening band starts at 8:30, maybe 9pm.  2nd opening band starts at 9:30pm.  The act you paid for - starts at 11pm.  Yeah my normal bedtime of 10-11pm - blown out of the water.

These are some of the questions I consider when asked if I want to go see xyz show.  About maybe 5 years would have been - sure let's go!  No questions asked.  Makes me just feel OLD.

So the husband and I saw Broken Bells this past Tuesday (alert - school night!) and at the Showbox (alert - standing room only venue!).  Luckily I really enjoy Broken Bells and the main singers voice makes the foot pain, people bumping into you, and wait - worth it. 

If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to the Broken Bells - here is a great video (pretty funny too) that gives you a taste of some of the music.

***you might think the lead singer's voice sounds familiar - the lead singer of Broken Bells, James Mercer was the lead singer of The Shins.  James Mercer collaborated with Danger Mouse to make Broken Bells.  My musical sources (the husband) has told me that he's heard The Shins will still play together, but it's likely that Broken Bells will come out with another CD before The Shins release anything.

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  1. Haha, I've had similar feelings. In high school I thrived on being in the front row and all that jazz but now I'm usually happy standing off to the side or in the 21+ area.