Sunday, May 2, 2010

book club. by orange

A few co-workers put together a book club.  Over time, this book club turned into about 10 min of discussing the book and about 2 hours of catching up and wine.  This last time we ventured to a new place in the Mt. Baker area of Seattle.  Flying Squirrel Pizza.  So this book club included 10 min of discussing Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah, some damn fine pizza and, of course, delicious wine.


  1. Sounds fun! How was the book? Everytime my girls and I plan to start one, people end up not reading the book. :P

  2. The book was actually really good! I'd highly recommend it - especially as I'm one that needs a really, really good book for me to be interested in finishing it. I usually start a lot of books and sadly, do not finish many. Getting members of a book club to read the book can sometimes be challenging - as I am often guilty of not reading the book for our book club. At least there is still good catching up despite the book not being read? :)