Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Resolution Check In. by violet

It’s been a month since I laid out my resolutions for the year. So I thought I would provide a little status update on how things are going so far.

Floss twice a day every day
This has been going great! I’ve been flossing after lunch and before bed. The calendar reminder has been really helpful. Might be TMI but my gums are bleeding way less than they used to ever before. I’m almost looking forward to my next dentist appoint in July.

My collection of floss

Improve Posture
I haven’t been doing any of the exercises that the therapist gave me. But I am working of being more conscious of my posture, especially while I’m sitting at work all day. I’m thinking that I will start to add the exercises to my half marathon training.

Run a 10K in under an hour
Think I’ve got Orange pretty much on board with this one. We are running the Eugene half marathon again in May and I’ve been eyeing a couple of 10Ks in late summer, early fall. I want to give myself at least a few chances to get this done. The only problem is as we’ve started training, I’ve realized that this is going to be even more of a stretch than I thought. It’s going to take some serious hard work.

My trusty running shoes and a fancy new watch (thanks, J.!)

Go to London
Slow progress here as well. J. and I are looking into it but it’s going to be tough to schedule and save up enough money to go. But I’m working on it. I’ve got my eyes on the prize.

Violet, in the Hush Puppies Hattie - black knee high boots with patent trim

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