Monday, February 1, 2010

Kah Kah! by violet

My love of all things Duck has been detailed on this blog. But sadly, and inexplicably, J. doesn’t share my passion for all things thunder green and lightening yellow. However, there was exciting college sports news in J.’s world this year. His alma mater Seattle University returned to Division 1 basketball this year. And they would be calling Key Area home.

Rudy the Redhawk

Alumni got a super sweet deal on season tickets, so J. and a couple of his buddies have been supporting the Redhawks all season. The team has had some ups and some downs but generally have been holding their own, especially considering this is the first full season back in D-1.

Over the weekend, two of the season ticket holders could not attend the game and Orange and I ended up tagging along with the boys for the Redhawks versus the Idaho Vandals.

Violet and Orange sporting Seattle U red and black

First off, the seats are amazing. Literally they are row 1 behind the seats that are actually on the court. We had a straight shot to the visiting team’s bench.

Sweet seats!

Second, we are next to the student section and a bunch of other young alumni, who probably got the same deal J. did. They were loud and rowdy without being obnoxious and rude. We called this guy Sideshow Bob the whole game.

Sideshow! Sideshow! Sideshow!

Next, J. and his friends are members of the Courtside club. Which basically means that at half time you can go to a room and get a free beer with a few snacks. Awesome.

The game was close. Seattle U was up big in the first half but let the Vandals back into the game. It came down to the wire but it wasn’t to be for the Redhawks, and they lost by two.

The next day my voice was horse. Could it possibly be that I’m now Redhawks fan? Yes. Unless they are playing my beloved Ducks. Then that’s a different story.


  1. Yea! Go Redhawks! We were in the seats next to you. :) Come back to a game soon! (The guys who have your seats are awesome fellas! Couldn't ask for better guys to sit by.)

    -John Bush

  2. Looks like fun!


    Sideshow Bob's last name is Terwilliger, as in the street right outside where I work. Big Ups, Portland native Matt Groening!