Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fat Tuesday (and probably Wednesday). by violet

Unless you are actually in New Orleans, really the only thing to do on Fat Tuesday and still make it into work on Wednesday is indulge in some of your favorite treats. J. and I threw together a little party. We invited some of our nearest and dearest to bring their favorite and most fatting snacks to share.

I contributed pigs in a blanket.
I know, not exactly gourmet but they are easy to put together (especially on a weeknight with guests arriving at any minute) and they are crowd pleasers.

But there was a parade of foods:

Eric brought subs and beer

Liz brought chips and dip

Chocolate from Kristen

There's jambalaya in this crazy lady's bag

Chef Nick brought shrimp

Sam representing the Golden Arches

An assortment of chips from Orange

The makings of an anti pasta platter from Leah

Cream puffs from Bryan

Lacy with red velvet cake

It also turned out that we had other things to celebrate. Eric proposed to Kenz over Valentine’s Day so we raised a glass to them as well. Congrats to the happy couple.

There is the hardware

I'm off to eat some of that leftover cake....

Violet in Sofft Freeda Bootie – black, ankle booties


  1. I actually brought creole seasoned, panko breaded gulf prawns with spicy cajun remoulade...but they were just okay anyways and I hate myself for it...

  2. Clearly, you should hate yourself for them becuase no one liked them. Don't let the fact that we ate them all in about 5 minutes or that people licked the plate fool you ;)