Monday, February 8, 2010

journey to the windy city. by orange

About 5 days ago at this time the husband and I were on a plane starting it's decent into the Chicagoland area.  Our time in the Windy City went by fast and we managed to fit quite a bit in!  Check out our journey:

a stop at White Castle for the husband to experience the mini burgers

although it was overcast and snow was on the way, we headed to the top of the Sears Tower (now known as the Willis Tower).  View from the top.

at the Sears Tower, there are glass cut outs on the 103rd floor that you can stand in.  I'm not afraid of heights but when first stepping out my heart did flutter just a bit.

the husband enjoying some Chicago snow/sleet.

we visited Millennium Park where we took some pictures by the "Cloud Gate" - pretty awesome reflection with the city.  The husband had to do his leprechaun jump as I think he is trying to do one in every major place we visit.

our picture from the reflection

we visited the Society of Chicago Architecture building and came across a small scale model of the entire downtown.

on to the Bulls Game, a must for the husband.  We scored Amazing seats off Craigslist the day before - row 4!

along with us came Mat & Shelby (Shelby is taking the picture)

why hello Dwayne Wade - how lovely to see you up close and personal.

Benny the Bull making his floating rounds.

action shot

the reason we went to a Bulls Game - the MJ Statue

but of course, another leprechaun jump had to happen outside the United Center

last but not least, on our way to the airport we tried our first Wisconsin "cheese curds" - delicious.

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