Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Little Slice of Heaven. by violet

There is a place in West Seattle, a Mecca to all baked goods.  A small shop that is dedicated to the art of making things from scratch. 

Bakery Nouveau is tucked into the main drag of the Alaska Junction, it' small store front would be easy to walk by if there weren't a line out the door. 


The inside is warm and inviting with weathered hardwood floors with glasses cases filled with all kinds of delicious treats – bread, pastries, chocolates and even pizza. 

JP and I have been known to go there on a Saturday or Sunday mornings to get a croissant and latte.  

The croissants are so good that it’s hard to order anything else when you are there. When a spinach and feta croissant is staring back at me from one of those cases, I can’t just leave it there.   

They are probably most famous for the twice-baked almond croissant and for good reason. The inside to an ooey-gooey piece of heaven. 

One rainy Friday night, I stopped by and picked up a mushroom and pancetta pizza.  As you might expect a bakery delivers a pizza with a serious crust.  It turned the act of eating pizza into an event.  It wasn’t sweet but it was decadent. 

I made the mistake of following them on Twitter.  I say mistake because now in the middle of my work day I know the are cooking up something so delicious I can almost smell it 15 miles away. 

Violet in Me Too black flats

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