Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Special Lady Day. by violet

This past Saturday, I got the most lovely of treats, I got to plan the whole day.  And after one of my favorite shows The League, we called it Special Lady Day.  
It’s a truly wonderful prospect to lay out an entire Saturday to do the things that you want to do.  We weren’t going to be jetting off to Hawaii for the day and clearly a Pretty Women-style shopping trip was going to be out of the question.  And it was about having a date-day with JP so I picked activities that we could do together.  
Here’s how I broke things down
An early start to beat the crowd for breakfast at Portage Bay where I enjoyed their delicious pancakes made even better by a trip to the toppings bar. The Reason: It’s typically crowded and I hardly ever have the patience to wait it out. But an early Friday night bed time made it possible to get there just after 9am. Since, it’s not one of JP’s favorite breakfast places but it is probably my most favorite I picked it without compromising.  
A walk around Greenlake where we picked out which dog we might want to take home with us. The Reason: I wanted to do something active but didn’t feel like a full run was in the cards.  
Reading over coffee at Zoka The Reason: Somewhere early on in our relationship we got in the habit of going to different coffee shops around and reading. I could read all day on Saturday and find it completely satisfying.  It’s honestly one of my favorite things we do as a couple.  

An afternoon movie
The Reason: I love seeing movies in the afternoon – going on a weekday afternoon is one of my favorite day off activities.  he Source Code’s big draw for me was its star (dreamy) but it was better than I anticipate.d  
Five Guys for dinner The Reason:This is a delicious burger and having this treat to look forward to all week helped me cut back on other indulgences.  

Some shopping which included buying Lululemon yoga pants The Reason: Who doesn’t love a little shopping? I’ve been eyeing the Lululemon Groove pant for years now. And after an epic battle of cost vs. use, I decided that it was worth the splurge because I will get a whole lot of use out of them. After owning them for just a few days I have already found that to be true.   
Late snack ice cream while catching up on the DVR The Reason: Ice Cream. There need not be any more reason beyond that.  
All in all it was a lovely day. It would have been better if I hadn’t stupidly checked my work e-mail while we were waiting for the movie. The day of had me thinking, if I ever get to do this again what would I do? I think I would add in a yoga class, maybe a massage and perhaps a glass of wine with a girlfriend. But really there are only so many hours in a day. 
What would you do if you could play a whole Saturday?


  1. OMG. You got those pants! I hear everyone loves them. And you say they are as good as the hype?

    Special Lady Day!

  2. do i get extra credit for spotting your artistic license on where that photo was taken and when?(exactly 1 day before special lady day)

  3. Wow, that sounds like a fabulous day! I'm so jealous!