Friday, April 8, 2011

The Cure for Cranky Pants. by violet

Around this time of year, the city of Seattle starts to get a little cranky. It’s been raining and gray for months on end. While we are a pretty resilient lot up here around April our pale legs just can’t take it anymore.

When my mom suggested meeting her in Palm Springs for a few days I jumped at the idea.

Part of my mom’s job is finding hotels and resorts for large meetings. She often gets to preview amazing hotels in amazing locations and sometimes takes me along. Which is how I found myself headed for sunny Palm Springs for a stay at the Westin Mission Hills.

With three pools, a spa, golf course and bike and running paths plus pretty much the perfect temperature I could feel my crankiness disappear almost as soon as we arrived.

It was almost unfair about how beautiful the weather was while we were there. Sunny and highs in 80s. Perfectly wonderful in my mind.

With Moms color-coordinated and everything
In addition to an amazing resort, my mom‘s cousin was in town doing her snowbird routine. She introduced us to the Chicken Pie Factory. Who knew such a thing existed?

We also had a wonderful time wedding dress shopping but I won’t get into that here.

The future in-laws also happened to be in town – we ran into them on the street corner one day. We met up with them and their friends Ken and Sandy at one of my all-time favorite Mexican restaurants Las Casuelas.

This is what happiness looks like:

The guac was as goos as it looks

Just when I was thinking about becoming a snowbird myself it was time to head back to Seattle, where it is raining and cold. Sometimes I wonder why I live here. Then I remember than when it does finally get warm and sunny here, it’s pretty hard to beat.

Although, I’m now trying to sell the girls on a weekend in Palm Springs next winter. Sometimes, you just need a little vitamin D to get you through that rough Seattle “spring.”

What do you think ladies? You in?

Violet in Steve Madden Tuscaan

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  1. I can haz Palm Springs Vacation plz? Kthanksbai.

    (Glad you had fun!)