Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finger Lickin' Good. by violet

JP and I have different ideas about Mexican food. JP is a bit of a purist and thinks good Mexican food should only come from a truck on the side of the highway. While I love my taco truck taco, I also enjoy the occasional high-class Tex-Mex experience.  

Ranch Bravo in Capitol Hill is right up Joe’s Mexican’t food ally. It moved into what used to be a KFC and basically they didn’t do a damn thing to the place except remove some signage of the Colonel.

But there a reason that JP always suggests it.  It’s delicious.  

The ingredients are fresh and uncomplicated - much like you would get out of that truck. The biggest choice you have to make is the kind of meat and beans. And in the surest sign that the Mexican food is legit, the tacos come with two tortillas.

Should you find yourself in the neighborhood, don’t be turned off by the outside or the plastic seating.  What’s waiting inside is worth it.   

Just, ah, watch out for the hipsters.

Violet in Report Monroe in grey


  1. I'm so glad you guys went to Rancho Bravo! I'm with JP and LOVE the taco truck tacos so RB is also right up my alley. When Lucky gets done at the shop it's normally too late to go to a sit-down restaurant so we usually end up at RB. That place never gets old!

  2. "capital hill is right up joe's mexican food alley" is my take-away out of context quote from this one.

  3. even though it's capitol hill...and his name is jp