Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Unpretentious Drink

It’s harder and harder to find a place to get a drink. It’s not that there aren’t tons of places to go, it’s just that I’m getting more particular. There are lots of places to hang with the college kids, play beer pong and feel old. There are lots of places that take themselves and the booze WAY too seriously. There are some places that are so quiet they put you to sleep or so loud you shouldn’t even bother brining anyone to talk to.

I’ve been hearing about Oliver’s Twist up in Phinney Ridge for awhile. The other night, Utter Ambrosia and I went to a movie and grabbed a drink there.

On a Friday night at 9:00 it had a bustling vibe but we still found a table right away. The crowd was somewhere between the studying for midterms and putting the kids through college.

The drinks were delicious. I strongly recommend the Giles – vodka, blood orange, St Germain, peach bitters and cava. UA went with the Miss Nancy – gin, rhubarb-tarragon syrup, lemon, blood orange bitters and bubbly.

To go with it, garlic truffled popcorn and Salumi salami with Columbia City bread, celery and golden raisins. The truffled popcorn didn’t last long enough to get a photo.

Classy food, classy drinks and non-stuffy vibe, in short the perfect place for a grown up to get an unpretentious drink.

Violet in Kenneth Cole black flats

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