Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hang Up Your Spurs. By violet

J.P. and I have been talking about going to Spur since it opened. In fact, that was where we were going to go for J.P.’s last birthday but he changed his mind. I bet he wished he hadn’t.

But a few weeks ago on an impossibly nice Saturday afternoon, a few friends were hanging out on the patio at the Virigina Inn, drinking wine and mulling over our dinner options.

So I was pretty excited when we settled on Spur.

I took pictures of everything that we ate and hoped that I could show you all but one thing you should know about Spur is that it’s really (really) dark. Very few of my photos turned out, however I’m not going to hold this against them. Because we had an incredibly delicious meal.

Quick rundown of our selections

Parisian Gnocchi
parmesan.morels. peas.

Fried Oxtail Terrine
fresh garbonzo. chicory. shallot jam.

Pork Belly Sliders
nectarine mostarda. marjoram. champagne.

Lamb Tartare
heirloom tomato. shiso. egg yolk.

The Paraian gnocchi and fried oxtail were my favorite. The oxtail was recommended by our waiter and we were all glad that we took the recommendation as it became the highlight of our meal. Oh and there were house made cornnuts.  Yeah.  They were as good as they sound. 

There was also a salad in there but the photo didn’t turn out and the salads on the menu didn’t ring any bells.

I was expecting a huge bill but everything was pretty reasonable prices (ranging from about 12 -27 dollars for entrees). Not so crazy that you couldn’t just head there on a random Saturday night.  I should also mention that our service was great.  Our server recommended great dishes and cocktails that were much appreciated. 

So resounding recommendation for Spur.

That pretty much says it all

Violet in Enzo gladitors

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