Wednesday, July 14, 2010

orange must haves. by orange

Once I like something, I rarely stray from it.  This seems obvious...but sometimes I think i might take it a bit too far.  For example if I find an entree that I like at a restaurant, I will likely continue to order it time and time and time again to not risk being disappointed by another choice on the menu.  Yes it does limit me some...but hey at least I'm happy every time I leave that restaurant.  I digress.

This summer - some favorites and/or staples for sunny weather have already become apparent - even though in Seattle we've really only had 10 days of summer so far (for those non-Seattlites...summer here does not start until July 5th). 

Here are the orange must haves:

currently $49.99 but can get 50% off online by entering Sale50 code!!
The husband can attest - I own these in multiple colors and wear them...alot.

umm...they make me feel like I'm still hip.

currently on sale!

lightweight, bright, easy to carry and goes with just about anything

perfect for a match of tennis or a quick run.  and they don't ride up in the middle - woo hoo!

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