Sunday, August 9, 2009

toys for a big kid. by orange

so even though i work in large corporate office (Starbucks) and have a somewhat serious title (Senior Recruiter) i still sometimes feel like a big kid playing in an adult's world. case in point - i need toys and doo-dads to keep me happy at work. i blame this partly on my line of work. as a recruiter my job has me spend a lot of time on the phone doing interviews. i mean, hours on the phone...thus things to occupy my hands during these long conversations can be handy at times.

as it's sunday and i'm here, in cube land, rather than outside enjoying the sunshine my little work things definitely are appreciated. so much so i thought i'd share some of there fun-ness here.

here's what keeps me smiling (in addition to my awesome co-workers):

bouncy ball filled with moving orange glitter

fun paperweight. do i need a paperweight? no...but i thought it was pretty

dwight squeeze ball thing. obviously fun to scrunch up.

happy hour clock! always points to 5pm (thank you violet)
little monster squeeze thing. he has googily eyes - enough said.
fun pink pen. squeeze the top and big yellow bubbles come out.

hmmm...i obviously like to squeeze things at work. does that mean something?

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