Friday, August 7, 2009

just call me Julia. by violet.

so, I’m doing this new thing lately… it’s called cooking? you heard of it? well, I’m new and suddenly super excited about trying my hand at it. it could be due to the fact that I now have an adorable & supportive accomplice in my experiments (the BF)… but I also like to think it’s in my blood. both my mom and my dad are phenomenal cooks and I believe I might have picked up a few things by osmosis. so in the midst of all the changes in my little world, i have been drawn to the more domestic side of myself- cleaning, nesting and cooking. i think it is grounding me in a sense, so i’m just gonna go with it.

last week, i made an andouille sausage and red pepper pasta which was a huge success! and Wednesday night, i made the BEST meatloaf ever (voted on by the BF). as my roommate can attest, i have been working on this recipe for about 4 years with many failed attempts. but i keep trying, because everyone knows there is nothing better than leftover meatloaf sandwiches! plus, it’s a childhood fave. i think i’m going to stick with this recipe.

since the cooking piece is a new frontier, i’ve been blog-sleuthing for recipes and inspiration. i came across The Catskill Kiwi , an NYC gardener, chef and artist. she has an amazing garden, so she uses a ton of fresh ingredients in her meals. Since we all know I am trying not to kill my little basil plant I am very encouraged by her green thumb! And she has a very unique collection of recipes (I will be trying the double-stuffed potatoes and possibly even the ginger beer next week). check her out!

i’ll keep you posted as i continue my culinary journey… stay tuned.

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