Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Deep in the Heart of Texas by Violet

I’m back from Austin and South by Southwest Interactive. After an action packed few days I thought I would come back and give an update on how I did with my goals. 
  • Eat at a taco truck. Check
  • Drink a margarita. Check (bonus because it has a glowing ice cube)

  • Buy some cowboy boots. This didn’t happen. As badly as I wanted to I didn’t get myself to a boot shop. 
  • Walk around the UT campus. I drove by it a couple times but I didn’t manage to get out of the car.
  • Friday Night Lights Tour. The only thing I saw was the Landing Strip which is awesomely near the airport. 
  • Go for a couple runs. Nope. I brought my running shoes and everything. 
So what exactly does this say about me? I prioritize food and booze. I think we know that before.
More than anything it means that I have unfinished business. I’m going to have to go back. Here are a couple other highlights from my trip
My badge, so official

 Cake pops made by our Austin office

Getting my learning on with Amber Case

Walking down 6th Street


And discovering a horse

Austin Convention Center craziness


The view while we went on an Austin adventure


A Shiner


Dinner at The Salt Lick

Primm's Cocktail on the patio at Perla's 

Ice cream from Amy's 

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  1. I love Shiner Bock! It's the only beer made outside of the PNW that's awesome. Okay, PBR is awesome too...