Monday, July 25, 2011

Cutting the Cord by violet

We cut cable. Well, not totally. We still get the basics but Bravo, MTV, TLC, ESPN, Comedy Central, et all no longer come beaming into our house with the push of a button.  
We do have Netflix with streaming and a Hulu Plus account, so I can still watch most of my favorites.  
If you know me, you know that this is a pretty BIG deal. I love TV, probably too much. There’s always something wonderful or horrible, horribly wonderful or wonderfully horrible. At any given time, I have a multiple TV shows that I consider appointment viewing.   
So then, why would I cut cable? Well, my attachment is too much. When your life revolves around the TV Guide it might be time to reevaluate your priorities.  
Plus, even with the Netflix account and the Hulu Plus, we save $100 a month.  And still get to see just about every show that we would normally watch. With unexpectedly buying a car, we’ve been looking for ways to pinch pennies and that adds up fast.
How’s it going so far? So far, so good.
I would say we haven’t watched that much less TV just TV we care more about. Something happens when you have to consciously pick a show, rather than just finding a Seinfeld rerun to have on while we cook dinner.     
Also, it’s summer - lots of show are on hiatus and Duck football hasn’t started (40 days!). Once we get into the fall this might be a whole lot harder.  
Violet in Seychelles gold sandals


  1. I didn't have TV growing up and I always think about cutting the cord, maybe this is my inspiration! And just think, this will make you that much more social on college football Saturdays!!

  2. Saving that much money is hard to argue with.

    I'm pretty tough to be around on college football Saturdays. Just ask JP :)