Monday, June 6, 2011

A fresh start. by violet

I’m a procrastinator. Of the worst kind. It seems like I can’t seem to find the motivation unless it has to be done RIGHT NOW. My taxes? April 14th every year.

I can probably count the number of times in which I worked ahead on projects. One was this class in college that was referred to as “Info Hell” by pretty much the entire Journalism School. I had an entire term to write a heavily-researched and well-documented research paper about a public policy issue. Armed with the fear of this class and the knowledge of my procrastinating ways, I created a weekly schedule for the whole term. I turned in my paper two days (two FULL days) early and got an A on both the paper and in the class.

You’d think that would have taught me a lesson. You’d think something would have clicked in my brain and said, hey, this working ahead thing really pays off. Not so much.

So what does this have to do with anything?

I’ve been procrastinating blogging. I’ve been putting it off. There are no deadlines here. No one yells at me or sends me “friendly” reminder e-mails. It’s just the seven of you. Which I’m afraid has now likely dwindled down to way less than that.

It’s not that I haven’t been doing fun things; just this past weekend JP and I explored the Arboretum or our day drinking adventure the weekend before. There has been delicious food – dinner at La Spiga and I didn’t even tell you about the bacon Bourbon caramel popcorn I made for the Derby (yes, and it was amazing). I’ve been to two Barre classes and starting seeing a personal trainer. Things have happened. I just put off writing about them.

So today, I start fresh. It’s the beginning of a new term and I have a plan.

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  1. Thanks for the update! I know what you mean about procrastination. I've tried to start a blog several times and have yet to add any entries. Thanks for sharing your adventures and fun times.

  2. I want to hear about the popcorn!!! Its expected to fall off the wagon, but its summer now! And I want my blog updates! How else am I supposed to stay in the Seattle loop?

  3. Also... C&C even has trouble thinking of things to blog sometimes! Did you see this: