Friday, March 18, 2011

10 Year Reunion. by violet

When I got word about my ten year high school reunion, there was certainly a mix of emotions.

I guess you could say I was somewhere in the middle in high school. Wasn’t the most popular, wasn’t a total outcast. I made some great friends along the way (some of whom I still manage to keep in touch with).

I wasn’t super smart or a super jock – took a few AP classes and played varsity field hockey, got cut from soccer after my freshman year and quit track after sophomore year because it was clear I was, well, slow.

Wasn’t the star of the musical or in the band but I was vice president of the poetry club (yeah, that happened).

I had a couple bad haircuts and I wore socks with sandals my freshman year (yeah that happened too). I’d like to think I got it together with my Steve Madden boots and collection of bell bottom cords and khakis by the time senior year rolled around.

I asked both my junior and senior prom dates but I went and had a really good time. I did get asked out over the morning announcements one Valentine’s Day which was pretty awesome. But I also had a number of devastating heartbreaks from boys who didn’t even know I was alive.

I got TP’d and did a little TPing myself. I went to one real party (I was DD) and I heard it got busted by the cops 10 minutes after I left, so I was too scared to go to another. And most of all I spent WAY too much time at Chili’s.

There were highs and there were lows but certainly I didn’t wake up every day thinking it was the worst or best in my life. College was defiantly the TIME OF MY LIFE. But we are talking about high school.

Did I want to show up to the reunion and have my old crush, think DAMN she looks good? Of course. Did I want to catch up with people that I’ve let slip away in the last ten years? Absolutely.

So I made sure that some of my best friends were going to be there. I bought plane tickets and searched high and low for the perfect dress.

In the end, I found the reunion to be a lot like high school itself. Nothing like the movies, it was more complicated, interesting, open-ended, awkward, fun, horrible and wonderful. I’m really happy that I went.

I was reminded that the friends I made along the way, were my friends for a reason – they are wonderful, hilarious and smart. I love that by 2am that night when we were eating pizza together it could have been ten years ago, only better.

Violet in Jessica Simpson "Jessica" pump in ivory patent


  1. Fabulous post my dear!! I loved it!!! And of course I am always partial to photos with me in them! It was amazing to see you again at the reunion and can't wait for your next visit!!! Unless I come to Seattle first! :)

    - Megs

  2. Oh i wish that mommy gut wasnt in the pic - bleh!! Love you Benko :) miss you already