Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yeah, it's about Bras by violet

I had some trouble writing this post. Talking about your underwear in public (even with a small group of people) is pretty intimate, especially when some in the crowd are male, relatives and coworkers. But the story I want to tell you has me feeling empowered, so this is a post about bras, but not the sexy hot kind. This is about the logistics and tactics, not style and execution. If thought of hearing about my bra makes you uncomfortable then go ahead and skip this one.  I won’t be mad at you.  
JP had found a deal for a fitting and a store credit on Gilt Group for Bellefluer Lingerie in Fremont.  Truth be told, I didn’t think very much about my bra size.  I’ve been wearing the same size since high school. While I wasn’t ever dazzled by the effects it didn’t feel like a huge issue. Sure it felt like no matter which t-shirt bra or full-coverage style I tried you could still see the line of the top of the cup through my shirt.  And I used to get frustrated at movies where the heroine would take off her white oxford shirt to reveal a black lace bra that never seemed to show through. I just thought these were problems all women had. 
Now, I had been “fit” a few years ago at the dominate lingerie chain store but really they just told me to keep wearing the size I had been wearing. I’ve had friends who have worked on get fit campaigns. I watched Oprah. But it just didn’t seem like something I needed to worry about.   
Then the gal at Bellefluer had me try on a completely different size (in case you are curious it was a larger cup, smaller band). Something just clicked over in my head and I was like, oh yeah, that’s what this is supposed to feel like. I’ve learned that the vast majority of the support should come from the band and not your straps. Ladies if you are living in strap-support land, get out now. I’m telling you.  
Since taking advantage of the store credit it’s been like a whole new world. I can wear almost any of the new bras under almost anything without them showing through the top. I’m learning about how to care for my fancy new goods, all with a whole new appreciation for what goes under my clothes.  Thank you Bellefluer.  

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