Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thank You Notes. by orange

I'm very grateful for things, but not good at sending official thank you notes.  Ask some of the people who attending our wedding - I know!  I'm awful. 

This weekend when attending a "Babies, Brats & Beer" baby shower (what a great idea!) I discovered a very easy way to make sure those thank you notes get sent.  When entering the baby shower, there was a table with a sign on it that read "Place your gift here and put your address on an envelope."  How smart!!  On the drive back home from this event the husband and I wondered if we could take it so far as to have the sign say "Place your gift here and take a thank you card."  Thus having the thank yous already written and given out effectively.  Granted, this does cause "generic" thank you cards but at least a card is given?  I digress.

When thinking about thank you notes/cards I always think of the Rockstar Diaries "little notes."  I love them and they make me so happy.  So, here are my "mini thank yous."

Thank you Pier 1 for having my favorite pillows on sale for $12.  This makes me so happy when Payton chews up 2 and it's only $24 down the drain and I can replenish.  (Though sadly, I think the husband and I have concluded we may be a pillow-free house).

Thank you Payton for snuggling next to me during the morning and making your sweet puppy sounds.  I appreciate the snuggling next to me a lot more than inbetween my legs.

Thank you Excedrin for 99% of the time curing my headaches.

Thank you piece of white bread last night at 11pm for helping me not be hung over today.

Thank you Gap dress that I'm wearing today.  I've loved you for 3 years and you hardly show it!

Thank you Sazerac (bar/restaurant in Hotel Monaco) for providng such yummy and affordable drinks and eats last night - I severly needed you after my loong day at work.

Thank you to my dear friend Shelby (of the Utter Ambrosia blog) for getting all us girls together this Friday for a spontaneous girls' night out.  I will need it and am so happy you offered up the idea.

Thank you to all my office supplies at work - my fun colored file folders, my fun mousepad, sticky notes, etc - when work gets tough you make me happy.  Mostly purchased at Moxie or Pier 1.

Thank you to The Bachelor, the husband and I had such a fun time together laughing (mostly at you) while watching you this past Monday.  btw - Jake: get rid of Ali!! - she's crazy!

orange in Guess Lawri gold leather wedges (again, I love them so much already!)


  1. I like the address idea, smart and makes sure you get a card for everyone as well as their proper address. But no generic cards! You have to put some effort into it, people put effort into giving a gift, so it's only fair.

  2. Very true on the no generic cards - I think the husband and I realized that might be taking it a bit too far :). Thanks so much for the comment and reading!!